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Kelli Edson

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Why did I decide to be a consultant? Hummm...

I have been to several different types of home parties.  I was trying to count them all up many home parties.  But never did I even think about being a consultant for any of them.  I thought their products were fun and great quality but nothing that I felt I had to tell the world about.  I heard about THRIVE from a couple of my friends who went to a party and I tasted some of their food and thought is was amazing!  I thought, I MUST have a party so I can get some free stuff.

I found a local consultant, booked a party, invited my friends and neighbors and discovered 2 things about THRIVE, 1-I loved it so much and 2-I couldn't stop talking about it. My husband finally asked me, "Why are you not a consultant? It's obvious you love this company and it's something you believe in, why aren't you selling it?" (And if you know my husband, your chin just dropped to the floor, I promise he really did say that!)

There are very few things I absolutely love and can't stop telling my friends about, one is couponing, who doesn't love a good deal!?! Another is Blurb! Love, love, love it-I wish I could get paid for all the people I have referred, and the tech support I have been giving them...I'd be a rich lady! Another is Pinterest. Another is THRIVE, yes finally something I can get paid for! I love everything about THRIVE, the food is great, it's nutritious, it's kids can't stop eating it...need I go on?!

Finally I have a way to actually build my very own home store! The dream I had had for my family for 12 years! I tried couponing my way to food storage...didn't work. I tried to set goals to go to our churches cannery once a month to can my own food, I made it once in 12 years. Finally I have found a way that is a no brainer, and that is the reason that I buy and now sell THRIVE! And I'm thrilled I can offer it to my friends and family so we can all have healthy food delivered to our door step!!